Read the description carefully, please and take into account that the pictures complement the description. The description refers to the general condition considering the material and age of the piece. Item sold 'AS IS' by description and photos. Please contact me via e-mail if you have any doubt, I will email you as soon as I can.

Remember that you are buying a used item and as a vintage item it will never be as brand new. I do my best to describe it as accurately as possible and always point out obvious damages or imperfections to the best of my ability, however given the age, there may always be slight imperfections that I consider as acceptable. Several pictures provided, please inspect them carefully. If you need more photos, just ask.


About vintage and discontinued perfumes: If you are searching for that long lost or discontinued perfume of your memory such as Styx by Coty. Please remember that perfumes over 3-10 years start to lose their freshness and may start to smell like alcohol. The older the perfume, the less it may smell like what you may remember. If you are looking to buy fresh smelling perfume, don't buy vintage or antique!

How a fragrance was stored will affect how it smells today. If the fragrance was stored in a cool, dark place, it should have fared well. But, since many people who sell perfumes today, such as myself, we often get perfumes second hand - through auctions, estate sales, yard sales, thrift shops, friends and family or other venues. We cannot vouch for how a perfume was stored before it came into our hands, so buyer beware. I try to tell my buyers if a perfume has soured top notes, etc right in the listing itself.

I sell antique and vintage perfume bottles that may or may not contain perfume. Because of their age and have been previously owned (sometimes I can’t determine if the contents of a sealed bottles are original because I do not open sealed bottles), I offer NO guarantee on the content or (absence of) smell or originality of the perfume. This is most certainly also the case for perfume bottles which are sealed! When you ascertain abnormal smell, absence or change of a scent, I will in every case not take back the perfume bottle or make a refund.

Many of the pictures in my listings are taken indoors with a light tent with artificial lighting. Therefore colors may appear different than in real life. Please note that colors may appear differently on different computer monitors and is unavoidable. In any event, I do my best to display true color on every photograph

Due to the delicate nature of perfume, I am sorry but I cannot offer refunds for ANY perfume, especially vintage, antique or discontinued perfumes.


Please take into account that perfumes often go through reformulations over the years due to rising perfume ingredient costs or regulations (such as IFRA) on allergens or chemical toxicities, and may not smell exactly the same as what you remember. These reformulations are not always revealed to the public and I may have no way of knowing whether a perfume has been reformulated or not. Packaging and bottle changes are often clues that there has been a reformulation, but not always.


I am cleaning out my sample boxes and selling many of my vintage, hard to find and discontinued perfume samples. Most of these are manufacturer's samples and may have the words "Not for Sale" on the card as these were promotional items from the manufacturer at the time of release and were not intended to be sold by the original retailers. However, I have purchased all of these second hand items over the years to do reviews on them for my website. Now it is time for someone else to enjoy them. All samples have been tested at least once in order for me to complete a review on them.

Samples are intended to give you an idea of the fragrance before you purchase a large bottle.

There are absolutely no refunds or exchanges on perfume samples or miniature perfume bottles.


Miniature perfumes are generally under 3" tall. Micro minis are under 1" in height. All fragrance miniature bottles (mini perfumes/colognes) on my site are being sold as collectibles only. Fragrance miniatures were often sold along with larger bottles by the manufacturers as gift with purchases and may have the words "Gift Not For Resale" on them. Please understand that I do not test any of these and do not sell them for the fragrances contained in their bottles as these are old and most of the time they have turned and are no longer wearable. There will be no returns accepted on these items.


I am a non-smoker but I often buy all of my perfumes at estate sales, auctions, yard sales, thrift shops, etc, so they are used, I do try to clean the bottles as best as I can if they smell like tobacco smoke. I try to wipe down all perfume bottles before shipping so your bottle will be clean and shiny. Also, I foster kittens from a local animal shelter and do have three adult cats in my home. The occasional stray cat hair might find it's way into a package once in awhile.

Please contact me immediately if your shipping address is different than the one posted on Etsy. In the event that you do not provide a correct shipping address and your package gets returned to me, you will need to pay for shipping again in order for it to be shipped again. NO REFUNDS will be made for items that are returned due to this problem. I will hold your items until such time as a you provide a corrected shipping address and payment for re-shipping is made. A special private listing will be set up for you to pay for shipping, once this is paid for another shipping attempt will be made to the corrected shipping destination.

I cannot be held responsible for mail service delays, customs hold ups, or damaged parcels since they are beyond my control once the parcel is shipped.

I cannot be held responsible for accidents and damage caused by broken glass/ceramics etc. or for accidents/damage resulting from the transit and during unpacking. I am not liable for alleged consequential damages to the object caused by the purchaser or a third party.

In exceptional circumstances, it is possible for a sealed bottle to leak during air transportation. This leak is caused by the difference in air pressure in the airplane cabin during the flight. I pack my bottles very carefully, providing additional protection to stoppers and bottlenecks and as a precaution cover labels with plastic and tape. However, if spilled perfume may still cause damage to a label - or something else - I cannot be held responsible for this.

The United States Post Office will NOT accept insurance claims for packages missing or stolen upon completed delivery. Once USPS makes a final delivery scan, Perfume Fetish is not responsible for items missing from the delivery location. No refunds or reimbursement are granted in this scenario. The buyer will be responsible for filing any claims with their homeowners insurance and/or making a report with local authorities.